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Discover the wonder of Red Tea...
and the "
3 key ingredients" for youthful skin.

Utilizing the beneficial properties of Red Tea and blending it with other naturally occurring ingredients, a new skin care line was developed... RuBos Dermal Care, with 3 Key Ingredients, extravagantly rich in naturally occurring nutrients, give back to your skin what the environment has taken away!

Now, the next step in anti-oxidant skin care...Formulated with natural active ingredients;
Red Tea, Kinetin and Hyaluronic Acid, RuBos Dermal Care provides immediate results!

A water based product with minimal preservatives and no fillers…...Just the healing properties of natural ingredients for therapeutic regeneration and beautiful skin.

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Red Tea Extract

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Hyaluronic Acid

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Red Tea Extract

Known as the "Super Anti-Oxidant" due to its much higher concentration of anti-oxidant properties. Red Tea has even more than traditional sources such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Green Tea.
This is due to its high content of polyphenols and also a naturally occurring enzyme called "
superoxide dismutase", which is necessary for a healthy cellular environment. Polyphenols can be further sub-grouped as flavonoids and phenolic acids, all of which protect against the harmful by-products of cellular respiration, namely free-radicals. This capacity to suppress toxic transformation provides one of many unique properties of Red Tea.
Researchers have found Red Tea to contain 9 types of flavonoids, 5 of which are especially
powerful free-radical scavengers.
Quercetin and Leteolin, found in many fruits as shown to cause "cancer cells" to "commit suicide". Both block the formation of lipid peroxides.
Rutin, which has shown to reinforce and stabilize blood vessels thus helping to maintain the strength of the capillary walls.
Orientin reduces the number of cancer associated changes in cells.
Ashalathin is a powerful anti-oxidant with undisputed potential derived only from   Red Tea.

Hyaluronic Acid

Plays an important role in tissue hydration, lubrication, and cellular function. Found in the space between the cells of the skin, Hyaluronic Acid holds more water than any other substance– similar to the fibers of a sponge acting to retain moisture. The aging of human skin is accompanied by the decline in its' Hyaluronic Acid content. This results in the loss of elasticity, which will appear in the form of fine lines or wrinkles. Shown to reduce dryness and irritation, this effective moisturizer has proven beneficial in creating smoother, softer skin.


A plant hormone extract, is actually a biochemical derivative of adenine, which is one of the nuclear acid (DNA) bases. Found to stimulate the cell growth cycle and protect cells against stress and toxic induced cell death. Studies have shown Kinetin to improve the skin's barrier function, increasing its ability to retain much needed moisture.
A clinical study of 64 patients at the University of California Irvine showed that twice a day application of Kinetin showed objective improvement in photo-aging parameters–fine and course wrinkles, actinic lentiges, mottled hyperpigmentation, telangiectasias, skin roughness and total water loss. Kinetin is non-exfoliating and does not cause photosensitivity.

Remedy and Repair Skin in just 5 Easy Steps!
With it's unique combination of active ingredients RuBos Dermal Care™ has developed a "Remedy and Repair System" designed to provide immediate results!
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With it's unique combination of active ingredients RuBos Dermal Care™ has developed a "Remedy and Repair System" designed to provide immediate results!

Formulated with natural active ingredients such as Red Tea, Kinetin, and Hyaluronic Acid, RuBos Dermal Care™ facilitates our skin's cell growth cycle to promote healthy cell regeneration. Creating a healthy environment with the necessary vitamins and nutrients insures that the skin is protected from the effects of free-radicals and other harmful agents. Research studies have shown that RuBos Dermal Care contains over 30 compounds found to have a beneficial effect on skin health and regeneration.
Free of fillers and minimizing its use of preservatives, RuBos Dermal Care™ offers a complete line of skin care products designed to be "safe" for your skin.

Preservatives in skin care products can be irritating and often create allergic reactions. RuBos Dermal Care™ has selected Phenonip for its non-allergenic and non-irritating properties. Utilizing natural preservatives such as anti-oxidants and citrus extracts allows RuBos Dermal Care™ to minimize the percentage of preservatives needed to inhibit the growth of microbes yet be "safe" for your skin. Even the addition of Grapefruit Extract (the fragrance). has a positive effect on preventing bacteria.
Correcting problematic skin or simply providing nourishment to healthy skin, the RuBos "Remedy and Repair System" enhances your skin's ability to repair itself.

Safely removing outer layers of skin to expose and feed the inner layers creates a healthy environment for skin cell rejuvenation. Formulated with specific active ingredients, each product has been carefully crafted for its therapeutic and beautifying properties. Utilizing the optimal concentrations of these active ingredients is what makes RuBos Dermal Care™ different.



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